Stolen Vehicle Alert

With Vizrom electronic license plate, your stolen vehicle can be recovered within hours of being stolen instead of days. After your vehicle is confirmed stolen, we will send an alert to your electronic license plate. The alert will cause your smart license plate to display “Stolen” on the screen. This is to inform other motorists that the vehicle is stolen. Sighting the “Stolen” info on the screen of the electronic license plate will potentially cause people to call the police.

The alert will activate a GPS tracking feature to begin to send out location signals. Note, the GPS tracking feature is only activated after the stolen vehicle alert has been sent to the electronic license plate. This feature is automatically deactivated after the stolen vehicle is recovered. As the electronic license plate continues to send out the location signals, the owner of the vehicle will be able to see the exact location of the stolen vehicle in real-time. This can provide the necessary information to the police to recover the stolen vehicle within a short period of time.