Automated License Plate Renewal

Vizrom electronic license plate has the capability to automate the renewal of your license plate without the need to go to your local DMV. The renewal process can be completed either by using a mobile app or an online account. Once the renewal process is completed and the appropriate renewal fee paid, your information is then sent electronically to your local DMV. DMV will verify the information you provided including your insurance status and process the payment. After the process is approved, the approval confirmation number will be sent back to us. We will then update your electronic license plate with the renewal information. The electronic stickers for the month and year will automatically be updated with the current information. 

Note; when the license plate expires, information on the electronic stickers for the month and year will change. The month and year will change to “EXP.” The same information will also display at the bottom of the screen. This is to indicate that the license plate has expired. After the renewal process has been completed, the stickers will update to display the correct month and year.