Vizrom is developing electronic license plates to automate license plate renewal and to generate real-time driving data.

Vizrom electronic license plate is designed to electronically display DMV issued registration number using E-paper. Using either a mobile app or an online account, can automate the renewal of their license plate. The car industry has, in its history, gone through periods of enormous, rapid change. The assembly line made cars available to everyone, the automatic transmission made it easier to safely operate a vehicle. Now, with data, there is connected mobility, and in the very near future, a fully autonomous vehicle. All of these changes are happening around the cars we drive, yet, the metal license plate remains the same.

Since the metal license plate was first introduced in the United States in 1901, it has not changed much. We believed now is the time for the metal license plate to get an extreme makeover. Vizrom is transforming the license plate as we know it from metal to digital.

Metal License Plate vs Electronic License Plate

Metal license plate

Registration number is stamped

Metal license plate is corrosive

Display registration number only

Lacked anti-theft protection

Decal can be stolen

Decal costs tax-payer money to print

Not transferable to other states

Display information electronically

Smart and interactive

Offers customization

Better visibility

Data encryption

Transferable to other states

Stolen vehicle alert


Why now?

The metal license plate has not experienced any significant changes since it was first introduced in the US in 1901. We believe it is time for it to be updated. The future of mobility is connected and data driven. The potential that lies within the license plate is huge and untapped. We want to tap into these potentials, and transformed the license plate from the potentially corrosive metal to a powerful, interactive device that does more than display DMV issued registration number. It also promotes a greener environment.

The following are some of the problems that motivated the development of our electronic license plate.

  • States spent tax-payers money to print license plate decals every month
  • Law enforcement personnel lacked real-time data to track stolen vehicles
  • License plate decals can be stolen or illegally used on another vehicles
  • Insurance companies need real-time driving data to customize insurance premiums.
  • The potential for the license plate as a data driven platform is huge but untapped
  • Metal license plate is potentially corrosive and not good for the environment.

The solution we are providing to solve these problems is a powerful interactive device that displays DMV issued registration number electronically using E-paper. E-paper is a technology that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. The main advantages of E-paper over traditional LCD screens are paper-like readability and extremely low power consumption. In addition to automating the renewal of license plate, our electronic license plate will function as a powerful platform that integrates with other services to harness real-time driving data. These services include, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, the DMV, and other IoT related companies.