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On the quest to redefine license plate as we know it with an electronic license plate for today's connected cars.

Some Features that come with SL-Plates


Easily track the location of your vehicle in real time. Manege your fleet of vehicles from one central location.

Car Disturb Alerts

Your car is parked a few blocks away from you, and someone tries to break into it. You will get an alert.

Renew Your Tag from Anywhere

Boycott the long queue at the DMV, and renew your car tag from anywhere in the world.


Avoid the queue at the toll gate and make your payments without stopping. Automatically validate your parking without delays.

Over-the-air Updates

Your Smart License Plate receives over-the-air updates to keep your device in sync with software enhancement.

AES 256-bit Key Encryption

Leverage advanced security technology and real-time response capabilities to protect your car from the bad guys.